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Hello and welcome to podcast #2 where Dawn talks about a lot of scenarios regarding starting a child in a more formal education process. Among the topics discussed are:

  • What to do when you drop off your child at school/play date/babysitter and the child won’t let you leave.
  • How almost anything around your house can be used as a teachable moment for your children.
  • How to pick up some great family activities that you can do with your entire family that will be very beneficial for your preschooler.
  • How to keep your preschooler on task in a learning environment when they want to do something completely different.
  • One of the best ways to get to know your kids actually involves turning something off.

If you would like to ask a question that Dawn can answer on the podcast, send it to podcast@educationexpedition.com.  Make sure you include your first name and hometown so we can give you a shoutout on air!