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The latest edition of the Education Station Podcast is out!  In this edition, we talk about how to get your child in and out of the time spent learning letters and numbers.  Among the topics we go over:

  • What is necessary for a child to be in an educational environment and what is completely not needed at all (even though you might think the opposite).
  • Something you might think a preschool teacher will tell you about your child but they legally can’t – even if you ask them for such information.
  • When you should stop working with your child (in a session) when you are working on letters and numbers.
  • When you should consider getting your child tested if they are having a hard time with letters and numbers (it’s a lot later than you might think).
  • Why not reading to your child might be a risk to your child not wanting to be able to read.


If you would like to send us a question for the podcast, you can e-mail us at podcast@educationexpedition.com.  Include your first name and hometown in the e-mail and we’ll give you a shout out on the air if we use your question!