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How Much Time Does this Curriculum Take?

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One of the questions I get pretty often is how much time will it take for me to do the Education Expedition curriculum?  The quick answer to that is as long as you and your child want it to.

The way our lesson plans are structured there are 8 categories for each day for a total of 40 activities a week plus the daily focus page and poem practice.  When I was teaching I would have done focus page practice and poem practice during group time which was 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon.  I would then set out all of my center activities at one time and the children went from center to center in a 60 minute period in the morning and a 60 minute period in the afternoon.  So, we spent a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes a day to get through all of our activities.  I used that structure with 24 children and one of me so everything took a bit longer.  If you are working one on one with your child you could easily complete every activity each day in about an hour.

You can pick and choose what activities you do or do not want to do.  Your child might not enjoy art so you will not do those.  Your child may really like building and blocks so a lot of their time may be spent on those activities.  Your child might not be ready to start writing or understand the science activities so you wouldn’t spend time on those.

If you are juggling this curriculum with curriculum for other children it allows for setting up activities and letting your preschooler do their activities with minimal assistance so they may want to play one game or enjoy the sensory tub for 30 minutes or they may bounce through all their activities in 15 minutes.  it really depends on your child and their attention span and their preferences.

We do not give any time minimums or maximums because I never want a child to have to sit and do an activity they are not enjoying and I would never want to stop a child from doing a learning activity they are enjoying.

So, as I said it will take as much or as little time as you and your child choose.